G-Power Typhoon X6M

The second part of the Typhoon program has been applied to the X6M, mostly to the same effect as the X5M. Again there’s 600bhp from the 4.4 litre Biturbo engine and the same top speed of 186mph. Both the X5M and X6M kits are immediately available from G-Power.

The difference between the two kits is largely in the type of alloys both are wearing. The X6M has G-Power’s RS forged alloys in the sizes, 11×23 and 12×23 inch. The X6M also has the option of 22 inch rims, whereas the X5M’s alloys are only available in the larger size.

G-Power can offer interior parts such as an ergonomically designed steering wheel and interior carbon fiber parts to a customers specific order.

For more information on the SUV visit our article about the X5M package as well as G-Power’s website here.

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