PPI Design Razor GTR Carbon 480x280

PPI Design has unveiled two new packages for the Audi R8 (V8 & V10) at the Dubai Motor Show last week. During the development PPI used the existing Razor GTR kit, unveiled at Top Marques Monaco 2009. The body shell of the supercar got a proper treatment of exposed carbon fiber. The doors, bonnet and roof are clean chrome; only in case of the third Razor GTR stage. The fourth stage of the program consists of a fully exposed carbon fiber body shell.

The exterior widebody kit contains a new front bumper, front spoiler, front bonnet, front fenders, sideskirts, sideblades, rear fenders, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear spoiler and a new rear engine cover with air channels that can be fitted with a polycarbonate, scratch-resistant and UV coated glass in solid or slotted form. The total weight gained by installing the kit is 250kg (551lbs).

The standard Audi R8 V8 power upgrades are Stage 1 – 40hp increase and Stage 2 – Supercharger – 200hp increase. V10 power upgrades are Stage 1 – 60hp increase, Stage 2 – 80hp increase and for Stage 3 are further power increases available upon request.

Braking is performed by a 380mm braking system with six-piston calipers in the front and four-piston calipers at the back. The R8 can be fitted with 10×19 and 11×20 forged aluminum wheels, with 265/35 19, and 335/30 20 Michelin Pilot Sport 2. Alternatively, carbon fiber wheels are optional in the following dimensions: 10×19 inch and 12×20 inch.

Pricing for the complete carbon fiber Razor GTR kit is another 35,000 euros on top of the regular kit, which means prices within the program range now from €35,000 up to €80,000.

The RAZOR GT/GTR packages are offered in 4 levels. The first stage is the Razor GT kit costing €35,000. This is the existing Razor GTR widebody kit (stage 2) priced at €45,000, but without the rear engine lid/air channels and rear spoiler. The third stage is the Razor GTR Optical kit – the one pictured here – including glossy carbon fiber and clear-coat. For €50,000 it’s yours. The final stage is the Razor GTR Exposed Carbon Fiber covering the complete Audi R8 with a glossy carbon fiber look, including the doors, the bonnet and the roof. All prices are without painting and mounting!

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  1. These guys from ppi design have not really experience in good design & tuning. Everything on their cars, all the design elements, are copied from other cars (f.e. the humps on the back, look like the ones from the bugatti veyron) and have no functions.

  2. Great design! The hole in the front “engine hood” is cooling what??? The luggage???
    Now I know, what “Engineering in Style” means, parts and design without function.


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