Ferrari F70 Design Study 480x280

If we believe Cars UK then the Ferrari Enzo Successor – named F70 or FX70 – will get a V8 instead of a V12 engine. Sources indicated to the magazine that Ferrari is developing a V8 and V12 option. The V12 is said to develop up to 800bhp and was favoured by any enthusiast. It seems that in the end the natural mind has won the battle.

The information is not coming from Ferrari but via a ‘very reliable source’. So that leaves room for doubts. However, the source is one of Ferrari’s favoured clientèle. Ferrari asked the person if he wants a new Enzo. His answer was YES!

The next step was asking about the setup of the new vehicle. One of the first questions was ‘What engine does it have?’, the answer was ‘V8′. The follow-up question was ‘What about turbo lag?, the reply was ‘Turbo lag is no longer an issue’.

What does this say? It seems Ferrari is getting back to the times where the F40 had a turbo-charged engine. Unfortunately they will combine it with a lot of electronical whizkid stuff like the manettino switch. So it will be some kind of mix between the Enzo and the F40 engine setup.

We have to wait until 2012 to see what the Italian car maker has come up with.


  1. Well after looking at the car again i think it looks alot better and i think ill change my mind and say it looks pretty cool..It does have a nice sleek look and i like the five spoke mags too ..I think Ferrari is comming around with their designs and they are lookin pretty sharp so ingnore what i said before call it a change of mind.


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