Overkill: Göckel McLaren SLR

It’s been a while since we saw an overkill, but this one is definitely worth the name. Göckel is a Germany based Mercedes-Benz tuner. From most German tuners we’ve seen rather nice tuning and performance packages but that’s different for Göckel.

They have created McLaren SLR and Mercedes-Benz Black Series look-a-like for anybody’s Mercedes SL-class. Changing the SL-class Black Series is one thing – although there’s no engine tuning -, but putting a SLR nose on a SL 350 is just wrong.

Let us know what you think about this strange looking SLR!

[via Autogespot]


  1. a guy in a white jogging outfit is the owner? You guys are idiots. The irony? Anyone that can afford to convert a 350 could have probably bought a DB9 outright, which is 3 x cooler.

    to each his own. its not as ugly as the Ferrari 430 replacement.


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