Car Crashes Ferrari F50 Crashed in Holland 480x280

One of the most exclusive Ferrari supercars has crashed in the Netherlands near Rotterdam. The Ferrari F50 drove on the A20 highway when the driver lost control of the Italian supercar. The vehicle hit a tree next to the exit Zevenkamp.

A child was driving along with his father in the Ferrari. The child got injured, broke both legs and was brought to hospital. The 56-year old driver had minor injuries.

As you can see on the pictures, the supercar is ready for the scrap yard.

Credits pictures Sven van Beek and Marco T

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  1. That oldman took the Ferrari Driving course right??? dont you need to own and drive other Ferraris in order to get into that F50??? well i guess they will have to see what the Black Box said about his driving lol

  2. The A20 is shit quality, there’s some major bumps there. Driving over 160 km/h is not safe there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went airborne over one of the bumps and corrected in the air, when they landed the car just spun.

  3. thanks for all the comments on my uncle…
    its quite amazing how none of you know jack sh**.
    he’s not 56, a lot younger, and he was not driving fast at all, probably about 30mph, which i believe is about 40km…
    and he does have other ferrari’s and is very well experienced. so go suck a lemon and stop sh** stirring.


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