Adu Dhabi Police Force Gets Nissan GT-R

Abu Dhabi’s Police Force has received its latest addition to their line-up of crime fighting vehicles. It’s a Nissan GT-R painted in the colours of the United Arab Emirates’ flag.

Enhancements? A siren system, some communication equipment and additional Police equipment in the back of the vehicle. The specifications stayed the same. So still 478bhp at 6400rpm, 434lb.ft of torque at 3200rpm and a 0-60mph time in 3.8 seconds.

Adu Dhabi Police Force Gets Nissan GT-R 01

Adu Dhabi Police Force Gets Nissan GT-R 02

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  1. World’s most exotic police cars, Abu Dhabi has just added a Nissan GT-R to it’s police force. It’s fitting that this 485 horsepower, Nurgburgring-record-setting cruiser will patrol the streets of a country that is home to some of the fastest and most exotic supercars the world has to offer.


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