Remember the Dartz Monaco Red Diamond Edition? The one that promised to be the first car to incorporate whales penis leather in it’s interior? Well, the company have now had a change of heart and decided to drop the idea after a huge backlash.

The idea was originally to take the idea Aristotle Onassis on his yacht ‘Christina’ and upholster the seats with the most exclusive leather available. However, it seems that Onassis’ legacy hasn’t quite received the reception Dartz thought from Green Peace and other environmental activists.

Although Onassis made his fortune mostly from Shipping, he created a lot of controversy for his activities between 1950 and 1956 when he ventured into the whaling business. The venture hasn’t sat well as Onassis was accused of killing more young whales than those that are fully grown. Nowadays commercial whaling is outlawed in most countries making the availability of whale’s foreskin a real problem!

Dartz were contacted by at least three different parties, Greenpeace, the WWF and Pamela Anderson! This was enough for them to drop the idea and have instead insisted that they will use “advanced nanotechnologies to achieve interior highest quality using artificial materials”.

So all’s well again, although we were looking forward to seeing what whales penis interior actually looked like!!

The last piece of information we’ve gained about this car is that Dartz will be incorporating the latest in windshield technology. Using a process called ‘gold sputtering’, the windshield will be treated to ensure a minimum of harmful UV and IV rays reach the driver.


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