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If we follow the words from CAR Online the P1 Supercar club is back. The organisation ran into financial problems in the spring of 2009, but founder & CEO Michael Breen brought it back to where it belongs. People interested in the supercar hire club can contact him directly via the official website.

In 2000, P1 created a concept of a private members’ club offering shared access to a fleet of supercars. In return you would pay an annual membership fee and the club takes care of the cost of depreciation, insurance, servicing and maintenance, leaving members free to enjoy the cars and the club without the inconvenience and costs of ownership. A sneak preview of the latest line-up of cars shows us some decent vehicles.

The Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 V8 or V10, BMW E92 M3, Rolls-Royce Phantom and Porsche Cayenne GTS are currently available in the car collection. The Ferrari 458 Italia, McLaren MP4-12C and Mercedes-Benz SLS are all on the order or in the pipeline. The new P1 club has a fleet of 30 supercars and premium models and has kept 50 of its most loyal members. The total amount of members ever was 240. Breen told CAR Online there will be changes in the way they work. Not every car will be owned by the company, some will be rented from external suppliers.

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The main question for a lot of people is the fact why! Why would you step into such a system? If you listen to Breen, it becomes more clear. ‘Say an average supercar costs around £150,000 – you’ll typically lose 30% of that in the first year, on top of £5000 for insurance and £2000 for a service,’ says Breen. ‘That’s a £52,000 cost in a year, or £26 a mile when you remember the average mileage for a supercar in the UK is 2000-3000 miles. P1 lets you enjoy access to a supercar with none of the risk.’

People who are interested can choose out of three packages: the first membership called Spa which costs £9250 a year, the Monza package costing £12,250 annually and the Monaco pack for £14,250. Each package ensures better cars and longer loan periods. More information can be found on the official P1 website.

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  1. If I was in such club, I would smoke the brakes and tires, trash the clutch and ruin the gearbox. And since I’m convinced that other members would have done the same to the car I’m driving, I wouldn’t be in such club.

  2. And that is just the reason why we vet all potential members… If ever a member was to get below the radar, we would eject him/her immediately with no refund on the membership fees. Such actions are not fair to decent members. Still feel clever knowing we would have far sufficient funds for the replacement components??? http://www.gp1.co.uk

    GP1 – “Beyond the Supercar Club”


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