Iso Rivolta Marella

As a joint collaboration between coachbuilder, Zagato, and student, Fedor Stetskevich, we think this design study is actually quite good! As you’ve probably guessed, the project attempts to bring the defunct Iso Rivolta brand into the 21st century. Blending classic styling cues with a totally fresh design. Fedor attends Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts.

Underneath, a ZR1 base is proposed, a supercharged V8 with no less than 640bhp! We’ll let the pictures do the talking. Let us know what you think.

[Via Carscoop]

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  1. So where’s the conncection to the classic “Iso” design and style? Also the ZR1 engine ist definately not the right choice!
    BTW: No comments at this post shows me how ignorant the most people are…the most just dont know Iso…thats really sad and i have to sax: Shame on you!


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