Ferrari 599 GTS China Limited Edition

Ferrari has officially announced a special limited edition of the Ferrari Fiorano. Only a dozen 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE China Limited Editions will be made especially for the China market. One of those – an unique version painted by artist Lu Hao – will be auctioned as one-of-a-kind at a charity gala auction in Beijing on November 3rd.

For this very special model the Chinese artist has taken inspirational notes from the famed Ge Liln porcelain of the Song Dynasty, and added it to this Ferrari’s design. The cracked glaze pattern is etched at different depths. Other details include Jade start button and the gold colored rev counter with ancient Chinese script called “Xiao Zhuan”, aslo available in the HGTE China Limted Edition mentioned below.

Ferrari 599 GTB China Limited Edition models will have a two-color scheme, featuring a special Rosso Fuoco “fire red” body color mated to a grey roof. The design got some Chinese elements by the artist Lu Hao, inspired by Ge Kiln porcelain and the storied Silk Road of Chinese literature. Hao uses an ancient Chinese script called “Xiao Zhuan” to engrave a name plaque for each edition.

The HGTE package was introduced in Geneva this year improving the 6.0 liter V12 engine up to 620hp and 608Nm of torque. For more information on the package can be found here.

[Via WorldCarFans]

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  1. It’s beautiful but in the oriental art of matching spirits I’d call it a fail. Because it’s 1000 years old and because it’s broken.


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