Veyron QuickSilver Exhaust

One criticism commonly leveled at the Bugatti Veyron is the lack of an epic soundtrack to accompany the epic engineering. We thought that this would be quickly addressed after the car was released by a tuning company, however, it seems owners aren’t too happy to play around with their million euro investment. This is the first aftermarket exhaust we’ve heard yet and it still doesn’t stop the Veyron from sounding like a marine engine…

The car that received the modifications is none other than ex-Gumballer Oliver Morley’s. The quicksilver exhaust saves 7.4kg of weight and is produced from stainless steel instead of the standard cars titanium construction.

[Via AutogeSpot]

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  1. Are you sure that the Quicksilver exhaust is only made of stainless Steel and not from titanium? Who would replace an expensive titanium exhaust with a stainless steel exhaust?!
    And normally a exhaust system made from titanium is lighter than the Steel one.

  2. “Who would replace an expensive titanium exhaust with a stainless steel exhaust?!”
    Oliver Morley would, he’s a jerk.
    Anyway I also don’t understand why steel is lighter here.

  3. Sorry guys, the part which explains it all is the part in the gallery at the very bottom. It’s too large for the gallery so copy the image URL and paste it into your browser. Alternatively save the image and it should display better from your hard drive.

    From what I gather, it’s more about the construction. Thinner walls and smaller area means that there’s a huge weight loss.

    Stainless steel is an alloy so presumably different grades can be lighter than the traditional stainless steel that you see in home use ect. They must know what they’re doing. They make exhaust’s for a living after all!


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