Hamann SLR Volcano

Hamann is present at the 2009 IAA motor show with a range of supercars, tomorrow Hamann presents the world premiere of their Hamann Ferrari California, the LP560 based Hamann Victory the Fiat 500 based Hamann Largo, the Hamann Tycoon Evo and this special IAA 2009 red version of their McLaren-Mercedes SLR Volcano.

Apart from the obvious different color the output remains unchanged. The Hamann Volcano has an output of 700 hp from the original SLR V8, good enough for a sprint from zero to 100km/h in 3,6 seconds and a topspeed of 348km/h.

Pictures of the limited IAA 2009 red Hamann SLR Volcano:

Live pictures of the Hamann SLR Volcano at IAA 2009:

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