2011 Porsche Cayenne

After the facelift of the 911 series was completed with the Turbo, the Porsche engineers didn’t take a moment rest. These spyshots, of the upcoming 2011 Cayenne, are the most unveiling we’ve seen so far. Besides the front and rear end being covered we can see that the Cayenne will get new head and rear lights.

It’s also clear that the Porsche SUV is down-sizing, which is a trend in the automobile industry these days. That together with a reduction of weight it will have a positive effect on the fuel consumption. Last but not least, this new Cayenne will probably be produced with a hybrid engine under the hood. There will also be the Diesel, a V6 petrol engine, a Turbo version and hopefully a Turbo S.

[Via WorldCarFans]

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  1. Haha, so cool when the two test mules meet.

    “Hey yo, what about a few rounds around the ring, or you gonna chicken out” “Whaaat? Let’s do it!”


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