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First Close-up Pictures of SV 9 Competizione

Official pictures SV9 Competizione

After discussing the SV 9 Competizione about a week ago we found some brand new official pictures of the US supercar in our inbox. The Corvette C6-based model is produced by the SV Motor Company and mixes US performance and Italian aesthetic characteristics.

The limited-edition, American coachbuilt sportscar, is available via reservation at the US tuner. But first check the pictures below.


  1. All very nice, except for the grille and the headlights, I think. They should have gone with something resembling the triangular Alfa grille we all know and love and brought the fronts of the headlights in so that they don’t look like they’re being pushed unnaturally outward.

  2. Fail. It’s a Corvette re-done nicer. The inside still smells “american” even if they have done about everything possible to remove that stigma.

    This is no Ferrari or German Engineering, this will remain US General Motors product.


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