The Italian Job 2003

The Italian Job is one of those movies you will keep in mind because of its special chase scenes. In the case of the Italian Job everybody knows the famous Mini police chase. The 2003 remake of the movie got some new Minis in it, which may also apply to the Top Gear Team as they have come up with a plan to copy the exact same scene through the Belfast’s sewers.

A spokesperson for the BBC show said the three presenters are planning to film the race through the city’s new six-mile sewer network in the coming weeks. A NI Water spokesperson indicated they have send a number of proposals to the BBC last year using the Belfast Sewers Project for the chase.

Just to give you an idea of the historical Mini chases you will find two videos below – one from the 1969 ‘original’ movie and one from the 2003 remake:

[Via BBC News]


  1. Go top gear!!!

    I think it will be really cool if they can invite Sir Michael Caine as the special guest for this episode—driving the Mini as the reasonably priced car!! :D

    I wish


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