Lamborghini Meeting Los Angelos

About a month ago we showed you 2 nice videos of a meeting held by the Los Angelos Lamborghini Club. With 70 Lamborghini’s in one place we can’t expect else than fabulous pictures. Above we count 2 Lamborghini Murciélogo’s LP640, 1 LP640 Versace Edition, 3 Superleggera’s, 10 Gallardo’s, 1 Diablo VT and a Countach in all colours of the rainbow.

The credit for this picture goes to American photographer Greg Grudt. Click here to find many more pictures of this amazing meeting! As nice extra we can show you this compilation video of the meeting. Enjoy!

[via L4P]


  1. There’s a pink one flashing at 0:08 in the video, however, if you’re referring to the pink overkill lambo from a few days ago, that one lives in London, quite a way from California, so you wouldn’t see it in this video.

  2. Beautiful video. Not so sure about the soudtrack because although hard-rock definitely goes with screaming engines 1) I don’t like this song 2) I’d prefer screaming engines.


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