Based on the 603bhp Mercedes CL65 AMG, this 751bhp beast might just be one of the fastest Mercedes we’ve ever come across. 0-100kph (62mph) is dealt with in 4.1 seconds, the top speed is claimed to be in excess of 350kph (217mph) – dependent on the rating of the tires.

The company, MKB, may be relatively unknown but we certainly like the sound of the 65/12 BT.

To create this amount of power, MKB have added bigger turbochargers with higher boost levels. As well as this, bigger inter coolers, MKB camshafts and an ECU re-tune. New air filters, delimiters and the all important gearbox re-enforcements have also been added to finish off the package.

The overall result of all these modifications is a bi turbo V12 unit than produces 751bhp at 5100rpm and 1250Nm of torque at 1900-4200rpm.

MKB haven’t bothered with any body additions, instead keeping the car looking stock. In our opinion, this makes it a good stealth option.

The suspension has been lowered, new Pirelli 255/35 R 20 and 295/30 R 20 tires have also been fitted over 20 inch MKB Alpha III alloys.

The price for all these changes? The answer is, a bit on the expensive side… The performance aspect of the kit comes in at €39,984 (£34,000) with the Rims and tires costing €9,690 (£8,269). Finally, to lower the suspension, MKB charge €1,630 (£1,390).

It’s not cheap but we like it! For more information, get in touch with MKB.

[Via MKB]



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