When saying G-Power we all think directly about a tuned BMW. This time that isn’t different, because the G-Power engineers took the brand new Z4 into their shop. Without different looks it wouldn’t be real tuning and that’s why you’ll get a nice set of 20 inchers. But under the hood is probably more important. The sDrive35i has been upgraded with 39bhp to 345 horses in total.

The maximum torque level now reaches 480Nm instead of the standard 400Nm. That extra power let’s you sprint from zero to 62mph (100kmh) in just 4,7 seconds. Fast enough to compete with several exotic cars.

The engine upgrade will cost you € 1,978 (€ 2,381 if you want it have build in), the four wheels and tires are yours for € 4,474, a reviewed suspension will cost you € 1,256 and last but not least, a louder exhaust is yours for € 1,508. Not cheap, but we think it’s definately worth it, centainly because there’s no Z4 M coming

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[via Autoblog.nl]


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