US tuner Underground Racing are one of the US’s many emerging tuners. Pictures of their latest project have emerged through the LamboPower forum, and details are promissed as soon as possible! It’s a Twin Turbo charged Murcielago LP640 with custom exhausts.

We dug a little further… apparently their previous Twin Turbo efforts on the Lamborghini Gallardo resulted in almost 1300 rwhp! We can’t wait to see some official figures from the company and how they’ve managed to deal with the huge amounts of power. For now, take a look at the awesome pictures!!

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  1. I agree with Loz. The reliability of the Veyrons engine is much better expecially in areas with heat.

    Also a disadvantage of 2big turbos is that you have all the power only when you rev it high enough.
    With smaller turbos you need not to rev it that high for maximum power.

  2. I bet that LP640 would walk on a Buggati and as for the engine i think a W-16 with 4 turbos is a BIG JOKE you gear that LP640 with a 7 speed and i bet it will beat the Bugatti all the way!!! I would love to see it!!


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