As a celebration of its 20 years history as a creator of performance cars Infiniti created the Essence concept. The design, technology and performance surrounds the 600PS, petrol/electric hybrid coupe with rear-wheel drive.

The brand has one description for the concept; The essence of the Infiniti brand distilled into one car and then taken to the extremes to satisfy the world’s most demanding car enthusiasts … this is the Infiniti Essence.

Highlights Infiniti Essence

  • A front-engined, two-seat, 600PS luxury coupe concept, 4.7m long
  • First motor show preview of Infiniti’s petrol/electric hybrid drivetrain
  • Capable of vast speeds where conditions allow, zero emissions where they don’t
  • Rear-wheel drive for maximum driver involvement
  • Fresh design language to influence future production models
  • Previews new safety technology including Back-up Collision Prevention
  • Minimalist and intensely driver-focused interior
  • “New luxury” meets traditional Japanese craftsmanship
  • Bespoke Louis Vuitton fitted luggage to maximise trans-continental capability
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