The Geneva Auto Salon was a rather special show for German tuner Mansory and featured no less than four new cars that celebrated their debut, the first of which was the Mansory Chopster. It’s based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and features a lower roof line and an altogether more sporty and aggressive look.

Mansory recently took contol of Rinspeed’s Porsche tuning division in Switzerland and dubbed it Mansory Switzerland. The Mansory Chopster is roughly based on Rinspeed’s Chopster concept. It has a 710bhp V8 engine with 900Nm of torque which is made possible by a larger turbo charger, a new ECU and greater cooling. All these modifications allow a top speed of 302kph (187mph) to be available.

The body is completely covered in Carbon Fibre. The car is 60 millimetres lower and 80 millimetres wider as a result of the new body kit and there are 4 new lights on face lifted grille. The new brakes measure 420 x 40 mm (at the front) and 375 x 30 mm (at the back) and sit inside a new set of 23

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