Aston Martin are poised to show the DBS Volante at the 2009 Geneva Motorshow. The topless beauty was revealed prior to it’s release and we have to say, it looks stunning! It still has the same 6.0 litre V12 lifted from the DB9 and 510bhp and will be built alongside the DBS at Aston’s Gaydon factory (Warwickshire, UK).

Usually when a sports car is opened up to the elements it has to be significantly strengthened to increase the rigidity lost by breaking the shell’s continuity. Aston have tried to counteract the innevitable weight gain that this causes and have included as standard, ceramic brakes and bonnet, front wings and a boot lid all made from light-weight carbon fibre. As a result, the car only gains between 154 – 253lbs and can boast the same 191 mph (307 km/h) top speed and 0-100 km/h (62mph) time of 4.3 secs as it’s hardtop brother.

Take a look at the pictures and our previous reports on the flagship Aston During testing here here and here… Also take a look at the pitiful rear seats!!


Gaydon, Warwickshire, 25th February 2009. Aston Martin will premiere the DBS Volante at the Geneva Auto Salon on the 3rd March 2009. Completing the DBS line-up, the new Volante will afford customers the combination of the DBS’s already-established benchmark sports car characteristics with all the thrills of open-air motoring.

Broadening the DBS’s character, the DBS Volante will appeal to drivers who wish to combine the excitement of driving a finely-tuned sports car with the invigorating feeling of being open to the elements. This juxtaposition of ultimate performance and openness stirs the senses on any drive whether a exhilarating jaunt on favoured roads or cruising on lengthy journeys. ‘Volante’, meaning: ‘moving with light rapidity’, perfectly defines the performance potential and the dynamic characteristics of the DBS Volante.

Featuring a motorised retractable fabric roof, the DBS’s beautiful profile is preserved whether up or down. When the roof is closed, it provides a warm comfortable ambience and when open, it neatly disappears behind the new tonneau cover at the touch of a button.

Aston Martin’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ulrich Bez said: “The DBS Volante delivers the utmost relaxed driving experience with the hood up or down. It combines engineering excellence with design perfection.

“The DBS Volante offers a subtle mix of power and performance. Adding to this, the fine craftsmanship – it is an unparalleled ownership and driving experience.



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