We’ve recieved word that Porsche are once more testing the possibilities of a V12 Diesel engine in their Cayenne SUV. Porsche have recently put a V6 Diesel engine into the SUV to keep environmentalists happy, it seems that they also want to explore the possibilities of the performance diesel too. Perhaps they were spurred on by the Audi Q7 V12TDI that recently went on sale, we’ll keep you posted when we get new information.

Word is also that it’s a Gold coloured test mule de-badged and wearing a widebody body kit!

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  1. Think, they are testing both, but want to get the V12 as it is the engine that fits better to the Porsche image.

    But, if Audi provides them the know-how…? ;)

  2. The problem is not the engine here… it’s this ugly shape (especially with these tiny rims) but how can we expect them to draw something nice when they haven’t been drawing anything for years.


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