Bow Wow Lambo

Soulja Boy (AKA DeAndre Cortez Way), a rapper from Chicago in the US, has taken delivery of a balloon white Gallardo Spyder. He’s rather pleased with his new ride, he’s even posted a video to show all his fans. What interests us the most however is when he challenges Atlanta rapper Bow Wow to a pink slips race against his 6.2 Murcielago. Bow Wow replied to said video and a duel of the lambo’s began. At this point insults are flying everywhere and not much is really happening by the way of pink slips racing…

However, it got really interesting a couple of days ago when Sean Kingston, the Florida based rapper, entered the race with his Gallardo Coupé. So we count 2 Gallardo’s and a Murcielago up for stakes, our money’s on Bow Wow and his Mucielago. Bow Wow wants Speed TV and Lamborghini themselves involve in the race… we just want to see someone lose!

Soulja Boy’s Original Video

Bow Wow’s Rebuttal

Soulja Boy’s Reply

Bow Wow’s Latest Response

Sean Kingston Video

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  1. Stupids.
    Race a Murcie with a Gallardo and you’ll loose, especially cause those rapping genius’ can’t do anything than driving the straight.

    100 bucks on Bow-Wow crashing the Murcie.

  2. Giszmo’s comment reminds me at hayden Chrisitansen in the Bulrun who lost also control over his Lambo after drag race against Dennis Rodman ;-)

  3. Stupid to say that Gallardo doors don’t go up because it is made from Audi. The Murcielago is made from Audi too. The Murcielago doors go up because it is so wide that when you park it in a parking lot it would be hard to open the doors outwards. Gallardos can open sideways because it is smaller and Lamborghini wanted to keep the cost down. I hate dumb people with a lot of money. The entertainment industry is becoming embarassing.

  4. Why do people always think, Audi is producing Lamborghini?
    Is Porsche producing VW? Is Fiat producing Ferrari? No.
    The Murcie has wing-doors because it is an evolution from the Diablo while the Diablo was an evolution from the Countach.

    The Gallardo is a complete different series and has nothing in common with the Murcie except the Lambo badge.


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