Porsche Cayman CS

We believe that everybody can find his taste in the Cayman range after Porsche announced that they will produce a Cayman Clubsport, shortly CS. As the name suggests it will be a leightweight variant of the standard car. The Porsche engineers stripped-out the car by changing the interior, replacing lightweigh plates all over the car, make up a simplyfied lightsystem and lighter wheels. The engine will probably not change to keep up the tradition of the Clubsports and will run it’s 320 bhp trought a 6-speed manual gearbox. Thanks to the lower weight, the performance will be slightly better than the Cayman S

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  1. To be honnest I thought that aswell, but that are the prices my source is saying…

    Same as the picture, that’s not the CS on it, because there’s simply no picture released yet!


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