Wheel Line Up

We can’t say that giving your car good looking wheels is the last thing we should consider when choosing a new car. That’s exactly what the guys from Ford thought and so they started producing several wheels so that every customer can find his/her taste for the new Mustang. Some of them are really good looking, e.g. the gold 20-inchers, others fall a bit out of our taste. Anyway, we’ve got the whole lineup listed below. Scroll down and make your choice!

18 Inch Black Chrome:

18 Inch Chrome:

18 Inch Gunmetal:

18 Inch Polished:

19 Inch Black Chrome:

19 Inch Lustre Nickel:

20 Inch Chrome:

20 Inch Chrome Gold:

20 Inch Chrome Pearlescent:

20 Inch Chrome Red:

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