Noble have experienced a notable absence from the Supercar market since selling off the rights to their M12/M400 to an American company. However for a long time we have known that they were working on something bigger and better, the M600. These spy pictures were posted on and show the car testing at Firebird Raceway in Arizona, USA.

It�s good to see that the tiny British brand is alive and kicking with a supercar that looks better in every way in comparison to the M12 or M400. It looks to have been benchmarked against the Porsche Carrera GT also, which means that potential owners can be looking at a hardcore focused car with knife-edge handling. There�s a new Crown emblem that Noble enthusiasts and owners are divided about. We think it looks good but it�ll take some getting used to. Noble are looking to move up the supercar leagues with the M600 and challenge with the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche.

Noble have been very up-front about the testing of the M600, posting details (and pictures) of their exploits on their website. They�ve travelled 8000 miles in 11 US states benchmarking the car against the Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari Enzo in pursuit of the perfect handling layout. These miles have been used to test the reliability of the hardware in the adverse weather conditions, extreme altitude and sustained high speed. They claim also that the car was de-tuned to 500bhp which makes it an extremely exciting prospect!

The production ready car will have 600+ bhp, produced by a V8 twin turbo-charged Volvo engine. The test car also looks to have a Carbon Fibre shell, more weight reduction techniques aimed at making the car as sporty as possible. We look forward to it being shown sometime early next year with some official figures to back up the tall claims. For now, take a look at the pictures we�ve gathered from a number of sources.

[Via Noble�and AutoBlog]


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