As we all know from the various spyshots�we’ve been showing you, Lamborghini isn’t just working on an the Estoque. Theres something bigger and better coming from Sant’Agata. The suggestions have been of an SV variant of the Murcielago for a while now and theres plenty of speculation on such a car all over the web. It’s been suggested that the car could be to the Murcialago what the GT is to the Diablo. We should probably expect to see it at Geneva next March according to our source.

The car�should be much more agressive than the standard car, sporting a three piece spoiler as a major visual difference, we can back this up with photos of a test car spotted earlier in the year. Now were onto pure speculation, the fender air vents seen on the Murcielago RGT supposedly feature on the SV also, whether this be in the double strip we see on some of the RGT’s or a single smaller strip thats more pedestrian friendly. A new front spliter will also feature, supposedly based on the looks of the�Reventon, like the new LP560-4. This will be the third new from bumper design the car has had since it’s introduction in 2002.

AWD will stay on this new variant, the previously mentioned RWD set up would be too risky for unexperienced drivers considering the power specifications were talking about. This leads us to the analysis of what the name could realistically be. The SV badge�(which stands for Super Veloce) has been put on Lamborghini’s Diablo and Miura models before, both of which where mid-engined RWD cars. It would be a break with tradition for Lamborghini to use the SV name so our suggestion is that it could use the SL (SuperLeggera) badge seen recently on the Gallardo. The SuperLeggera image fits much better with what is being described here so is a�good bet.

A�reduction in weight of 122Kg is rumoured to have been shed from the SV. A tough call without reducing any of the 46kg AWD system. Power is less specific however, it’s been debated heavily with one person even saying it’s been tested to 740bhp!! The most sensible speculative figure, however,�would have to be around 670 – 80bhp mark. This provides enough scope for a Murcielago replacement whilst providing a substantial increase in performance to justify the extra money that the car is sure to cost (rumoured to be a 15-20% hike).

Rumours suggest that the car will be up to 5cm lower down than the standard car making it only 8.97cm off the ground, about the same size as my phone! As great as this sounds, the idea isn’t consistant with what Lamborghini have given us before, for example the Gallardo SuperLeggera lost no ride height and the Diablo SV only lost 1cm over the standard Diablo. 5cm would create one of the meanest and most insane Lamborghini’s ever. This could also provide an explanation for the larger wheel arches we see on the latest test mule, a lower car would definately need them to provide extra space for the wheels.

The final piece of info we’ve pieced together for you is that the Interior will be alcantara like the SuperLeggera and Reventon both were. Now, this could or could not be solid information, the guy’s a think it’s well informed but make up your own mind by seeing for yourself (you have to be a member). Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

[Via LamboPower]

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