Porsche Cayenne by SpeedArt - Titan BTR 600

Titan BTR 600, didn’t we hear this before? No, it only reminds us of an earlier package from SpeedART that was created to give your Porsche Cayenne a bit more power. Now it looks like the guys from SpeedArt got bored during the summertime when you see them coming forward with this super exclusive Titan BTR 600. The newest creation is based on a Cayenne Turbo or Turbo S and looks even more aggressive than the first one. As you can detract from the name, the Cayenne’s V8 is now producing 600 bhp together with 850 Nm of torque. This extra power is created by reprogramming the turbo’s, exhaustsystem, motormanagement and air-filter.

The exterior will be almost the same as the BTR 550 but with a few extra’s to make it look a little bit different of what, they call it, it’s little brother. Too bad we won’t see either the 550 nor the 600 on our roads, because SpeedArt won’t find a lot of buyers here in Western-Europe. When you visit an Eastern-European country or the Middle-East you’ll probably see one of these beasts driving aroudn because cars like these are very popular over there!

Porsche Cayenne by SpeedArt - Titan BTR 600

[via Autogespot.com]


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