Seems to have been an expensive week for supercar owners and insurers alike. Cars such as Prinz’s Gemballa Mirage, A Tesla, A Corvette and a Gallardo have all bit the dust… Click “more” for a few pictures…


  1. I seriously wander how these drivers can afford to buy these cars in the first place. They are cleary a sandwich short of a picnic to do this to these cars and lets not put it down to accidents. This is sheer foolishness. I have seen it many times before eg; on the Gumball. All the gear and no idea most of them. How can they have had any ability and intelligence to earn the money to buy them in the first place. There cannot be that many GTs left now.

  2. The GT in particular is a very hard car to drive on the limit, it’s slippery and as a result, it tends to get out of shape easily. There have been plenty of high profile accidents in them, some even killing the drivers and co-pilots…


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