Last tuesday MTM welcomed us at their facilities in Wettstetten near Ingolstadt, Germany for a tour of their factory. Being very passionate about cars MTM told us all about their history, the special projects they worked on and their plans for the future. Two of the highlights in the current MTM lineup were also present: the supercharged MTM Audi R8 R and the 702 hp MTM Audi RS6!

Founded in 1990 by Roland Mayer after years of involvement in the development of the now legendary five-cylinder in-line Audi Quattro engine, MTM has always been fascinated with Audi models. Nowadays the product range covers models form Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Bentley.

All the developments are carried out in-house by the MTM development company Wetec Engineering. MTM uses products from original equipment manufacturers, exclusive suppliers and their partners Michelin, Continental, KW and Performance Friction. The long lasting relations with the suppliers guarentees innovative, save and stable components for ultimate performance and driving fun.

The 9-spoke bimoto design wheels are the current MTM trademark. They can be found on all MTM models in both 19 and 21 inch. MTM offers the sporty wheels in a number of colours: shiny silver, titanium-polished and titanium colored wheels. Further colour options like shining black, semi-matt black and white are also available on request.

MTM BiMoto wheels

MTM has build an impressive portfolio over the years. Transforming their know-how into unique concept cars and succesful race- and rally cars. The list of unique projects include the Aztec designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the MTM TT Bimoto, the MTM Apollo (later named Gumpert Apollo), Black Jag and the development of the supercharger for the Spyker and the Venturi GT3. The knowledge and experience gathered with these projects is used directly in the development of tuning packages for road cars. MTM shows true dedication to creating fun to drive, high performance road cars.

Black Jag

The MTM facility consists of a number of seperate workshops and offices where the 25 MTM employees build and service the MTM cars, develop new tuning packages and test various setups and parts on the two fully air refrigerated dyno’s. During our visit MTM was working on a number of Audi’s and a couple ‘special projects’. MTM CEO Mr. Mayer also showed us part of his impressive Audi and classic car collection including the MTM Bimoto, Audi S1, Jaguar E-type and Ferrari 288 GTO.

The factory visit also gave us the opportunity to have a close look on MTM’s latest projects, including the MTM RS4, MTM RS6 and MTM R8 R. We will share our in depth report about these cars in individual articles soon.

MTM Audi R8 R

This supercharged version of the Audi R8 delivers 550 hp, an impressive 130 hp more than the standard R8. The MTM R8 R sprints from zero to 100 km/h in just under 4 seconds (3,9s) and reaches a topspeed of 313 km/h. The performance modifications include a new MTM exhaust, new front spoiler, lightweight forged MTM bimoto rims and modified suspension.

MTM Audi RS6

The latest edition to the MTM lineup is the MTM Audi RS6. With the standard Audi RS6 exhaust this MTM tuning package lifts the output of the 5.0 liter biturbo V10 from 580 hp to 656 hp. For even more demanding customers MTM offers a new MTM cat-back exhaust system and airfilter which lifts the total performance to 702 hp.

Stay tuned for more MTM in the coming weeks!

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