Bullrun Teams

More and more teams of the Bullrun 2008 are uncovered. Most teams are already on their way to Calgary, Canada, where the rally starts this saturday. We are proud to present you some of the teams here at GTspirit.com.

Team Ettensberger:

Claus Ettensberger participated last year with his 600hp TECHART Magnum based on the Cayenne Turbo. At most stages he arrived first. This year he is with a TECHART 997 Turbo at the starting-line.

Team Angry:

Team Angry was one of the main attraction at the Bullrun 2007. They participated with a 1968 Dodge Charger (as seen on the Bullrun Spike TV series). But this year they show up with a new ride: ‘Project ANGIER’.

Mike Musto, founder of Team Angry says about this insane project: “What did we do? Well, how’s this sound? How about a matte black 1969 Dodge Daytona with 500+ hp, 200 mph top end, 600 mile range, A/C, cruise control and dual-mounted 50 caliber machine guns! THATS RIGHT, I SAID MACHINE GUNS! (I’m totally kidding, but the rest is true).

But it seems that this car is not the only weapon of choice. Team Angry also got an Audi R8 and a Ferrari 430.

Team JEEP SRT-8:

Last year this Team participated with a Ferrari. This year they planned to do it with a NSX, but because of long distance of the Bullrun, they decided to take the Jeep SRT-8.

Team Dan and Dimi (Spike TV Team 05):

Also Team Dan and Dime are going on the Bullrun 2008 in their Scion tC.

Team Vivid Racing:

Rally veterans and 2007 Bullrunners Team Vivid Racing will be back at it again for the 2008 rally. It seams that they are participating with a Porsche 996TT, like last year.

Team ‘Gloss it’:

As an official sponsor of the rally, Gloss it will participate too. Their car will be a 2008 modified Z06 Corvette.

Team “rally4acure” / Team Holman:
One of the teams we are looking forward to. They participate with their 05′ Ferrari F430!

Team Pivotal Solutions:

Sadly no pictures yet, but it seams that they are participating in a Corvette Z06.

For more updates on the Bullrun 2008 teams, keep visiting GTspirit.com.

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