New Wiesmann Production facility

This weekend Wiesmann opens their new production facitily in the German town of Dülmen. Today we had a unique chance to look at their brand new facility from literally every angle. In 2005 the founding brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann decided the time was right to develop a new production facility for their Wiesmann Roadster and GT. Growing from 50 produced cars in 2003 to 191 in 2007 their timing for the new production facility was exactly right to increase the capacity from 200 cars a year to 350 cars a year and set a production target of 250 cars for the year 2008.

The most remarkable thing about the new production facility is the giant Gecko, the company logo of Wiesmann, that’s part of the building. The gecko, 110 meter long and 15 meter high, is completely made from wood and inside the gecko you can find the showroom with room for at least 20 cars. Wiesmann was kind enough to hire a helicopter to give us a good look at the gecko from up in the air. Due to rain at the moment we went up in the air to circle the building and surroundings, most photos are blurred but we can tell you it’s a very impressive building from both the ground as up in the sky.

But the gecko was not the only reason we headed to Wiesmann. After an introduction by Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann they gave us a tour of the factory including every part of the production proces of the Wiesmann Roadster and Wiesmann GT. The new facility has 6000 m² manufacturing space and that comes to good use as all the cars are build by hand. The roadster starts with a hand build frame that weighs about 170 kg, the frame build for the GT has to be less rigid and weighs about 110 kg. From there isolation for both heat and noise are added and in seperate processes the wires, the bodywork, the interior, electronics and other components are prepared before being installed on the cars. The 6-in-line, V8 and V10 engines from BMW come in completely tested from the BMW factory and are fitted directly into the new Wiesmann’s. For the interior the customer has an almost unlimited choice in paint and leather colors and combinations, you can also get your company logo or name embroided in the seats. After everything is fitted and installed the car is checked and tested by the quality control department to make sure everything is according to specifications and works as it’s supposed to, than the car is ready to be picked up by the lucky owner or send to the dealerships around the world. In about one week a new Wiesmann is build from scratch and ready to go!

Ever since the start of the company in the 80’s Wiesmann has worked with BMW engines and components. After a lot of effort Wiesmann was the first third party company that received engines from BMW for their sportscars. Ever since Wiesmann and BMW have been extremely pleased with the cooperation. According to Friedhelm Wiesmann the BMW engines combines the high performance with security and guarentees for both Wiesmann and the customer who buy a Wiesmann. Thanks use of BMW engines and the extensive BMW dealer network it’s possible to get your Wiesmann serviced or repaired almost anywhere in the world.

Wiesmann GT MF5

Highlight in the current Wiesmann lineup and at their showroom is the new Wiesmann GT MF5. Equipped with a high-revving BMW V10 delivering 507 hp, it completes the sprint from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. MF stands for the first names of the company founders, Martin and Friedhelm. The 5 refers to the 5 liter BMW V10 that can be found in this GT. With a power-to-rate ratio of just 2.7 kg/hp the GT MF5 is capable of reaching a top speed of 310 km/h. Even so important are the modifications made to put all this power to good use, a great looking- but very functional wing and rear diffuser are added providing enough downforce on the rear suspension to guarantee excellent stability even at high speeds. Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann also revealed to us that at the 2009 Geneva Auto Salon they will present the Wiesmann MF5 Roadster with the same 5 liter BMW V10.

This weekend about 270 out of 900 Wiesmann’s ever build will return to the factory with their owners to celebrate their new home. On saturday and sunday the factory in Dülmen will also be open for public. After the official opening this weekend the new production facility and showroom will be open 7 days a week. Visitors will not only find a large number of Wiesmann’s in the showroom but on weekdays they can also have a look at the production proces through the big glass windows seperating the showroom from the production floor. A boutique and small restaurant is also part of the showroom. This saturday and sunday the factory in Dülmen will also be open for public, definately worth a look!


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  1. i like the Wiesmann’s! Damn great sound and performance! I work around the corner of the Dutch Wiesmann dealer/ importer. Every time when a Wiesmann drives by i look and see thru the glass and dream aboout that one day……..And now i’m woke up again!


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