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Gumball 2008 Dates & Route

Gumball 2008 goes China

Gumball 3000 has announced the dates and route for the Gumball 2008 Rally. As expected, the entrance fee for Gumball 2008 remains at an incredible 120.000 dollars per team, the Gumball 2008 start will be in August 2008 and it will run from San Fransisco to Beijing. Gumball 3000 also announced a new 2008 Gumball Rally website to be launched on april 1st (has to be a joke!) aimed at user generated content. Our guess is that it will be ruled after communist Chinese model with plenty of censorship like we have experienced first hand last year. But you can always post your Gumball 2008 photos and videos in our ‘uncensored’ Gumball 3000 forum.

Gumball 2008 press release from Max
19th February 2008

The dates and route of the “10th Anniversary” Gumball 3000 Rally are officially announced.

The Gumball 2008 will take place in August this year starting in San Francisco and finishing 8 days later in China at the Beijing Olympics. Dates of the rally are August 9th-16th 2008.

Being the 10th anniversary this route is nothing short of spectacular, and ground breaking to say the least! Setting off from San Francisco, the Gumball 2008 route incorporates Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas, with checkpoints each day and VIP parties each night. From Las Vegas all 120 vehicles (low-riders to supercars) will be flown on 3 of the worlds largest Antonov Cargo Planes to Nanjing, China; and all participants will get to experience an unprecedented 1 night in North Korea as part of a global ‘friendship’ initiative, getting to watch the Mass Games (their version of the Olympics) en route to rejoin their cars in Nanjing. From Nanjing the Gumball 2008 route heads north to Shanghai and then Xuzhou, before crossing the Gumball 2008 finish line in Beijing during the Olympic Games.

Gumball 2008 entry fee is £60.000 (90.000 euro or 120.000 dollars) per car (2 people) and of course includes everything throughout the 8 days, incl. hotels, parties, flying the cars around etc…and tickets to the Olympics.

The clock is now counting down to the launch of Gumball’s completely new website that goes live on April 1st. The new site will represent all elements of the ‘Gumball 3000″ lifestyle, incorporating a social network to bring fans all over the world together, along with a user generated videos section (so you can show us what you get up to), as well as celebrity blogs, and a fully loaded store with the new Gumball 3000 Apparel Collection, and a Gumball Cars ‘for Sale’ section to advertise your classic, super or daily run around to the masses!

Along with daily news, and everything you’ll ever need to know about the rally and everything automotive, the site will also cover everything else that we love, including news and reviews on music, films, sports, sneakers, street art and entertainment.

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