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Mercedes Benz ML63 by Kleemann

Mercedes Benz ML63 Kleemann

The Danish exclusive Mercedes Benz tuner Kleemann couldn’t resist to make work of the ML63. After some time, a few ML63 AMG owners will find their Mercedes not longer fast enough. That’s why Kleemann added a two-turbo’s on the already 6.2 liter engine that’s hidden under the hood.

The stardard ML 63 AMG produces a more than stunning 510bhp but the danish engineers decided to add another 290bhp. Indeed the ML 63 has now an output of 800bhp and a torque of 1000NM. The sprint to 62mph (100km/h) is now done in less than 4 seconds and a top speed from about 187mph (300km/h), not bad for a SUV.

Some extras are the rimms which are now 20 inch big, other exhaust pipes and a speedometer running up to 250mph (400km/h). As well as the Nordic White colour, which looks great on this car!

Mercedes Benz ML63 Kleemann



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