Home Car News Mercedes-Benz CL-class by Wald

Mercedes-Benz CL-class by Wald

Mercedes Benz CL by Wald

The wellknown Japanse sportscar tuner ‘Wald’ has put his hands on the Mercedes-Benz CL class, and that with this more as stunning result!

The tuningkit exists of a frontspoiler, side and rear-skirts, a roof and trunkspoiler and a adapted exhaustsystem. Next to that they upgraded the brakingsystem, which was probably necessary if you see the aggresive looks of this Mercedes. If you want the Wald Mercedes Benz beauty in your garage, you’ll have to wait till January 2009, and probably longer because there are several cars ordered yet!

Mercedes Benz by Wald

Mercedes Benz by Wald

Mercedes Benz by Wald

[via Autogespot]



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