Audi R8888

Now the R8 is seen more frequently on our roads, potential buyers are looking for more special versions of the Audi R8. For those of you out there MTM created a special R8. MTM calls their R8 the Audi R8888 and it’s matt black that reminds us of the Ferrari F430 Tu Nero. As the name suggest the R8 by MTM has 888 bhp, twice as much as the standard R8! Thanks to the enormous power increase the performance figures are amazing: the car hits 62mph (100kmh) in only 3 seconds and has a top speed of 225mph (360kmh).

Audi R8 MTM

MTM made the R888 on special request for a customer but if the respondses are good they might build more R888’s for Audi R8 owners.

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