F430 Tu Nero

The Ferrari F430 ‘Tu Nero’ is the child of the well-known Ferrari Tuner Novitec. This car was presented on the IAA which started 2 weeks ago. Most stunning on this car is the colour, called plain black and the fact that the car is based on the brand new F430 Scuderia. The new dark side Ferrari produces 707 bhp at 8350 rpm and that combined with 712 Nm of Torque. All this power makes it possible to do the 62 mph (100 kmh) sprint in 3.5 seconds.

To make all this possbile, Novitec had to add two turbo’s to the original F430 engine, and this was necessary to create the extra 217 bhp. Too bad most of us will never see this car in real life, so we’ve lined up some beautifull pictures. Hi-res version can be found in our forum.



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