Citroên C5 Airscape

As supercar reporters Citroên is not a brand we immediatly rush towards when we attend a carshow but this time we stumbled upon a very nice concept car while looking for the toilets. It’s their new C5 Airscape concept car. We immediatly saw ourselfs driving the C5 Airscape (Citroên’s word for convertible or cabriolet) from our hollywood-style villa in the hills of St Tropez to Club 55 for lunch, all with the roof down and the sun shining down on us…

For now the C5 Airscape is still a concept car but with the good responses we heard about it while walking around at the Citroên stand it’s more then likely the C5 Airscape will make it to the dealers, let’s just hope Citroên decides to keep the design features and great interior in the final build. For those of you who are not convinced yet check out these great photos of the Citroên C5 Airscape!

Other then the C5 Airscape there was not much to report, or it must have been this hideous Citroên concept car:

Citroên Concept Car

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