The Driver by Alex Roy

As most of you already know Gumball veteran Alex Roy of Team Polizei has been working hard on his rally memoirs. Alex Roy recently revealed that his upcoming book “The Driver” will include more then his epic journeys on the Bullrun and Gumball 3000. A part of the book will be dedicated to ‘various underground driving events herr Roy entered since 2000’. Only few (if any) of them have ever been documented until now.

Above you can see the cover of the European version of the book that according to his UK publisher Ebury Press is due to release the first week of january 2008. The cover also looks like a great DVD cover… we’re sure a DVD with Team Polizei highlights would be a hot item (What do you think Alex?)!

Starting this January Alex Roy will tour around Europe (in his Polizei M5?) to promote his book and to share his passion for what Alex describes as the ‘Outlaw Racing World’. Alex Roy will do preview readings of his book and meet & greets with fans at multiple cities across Europe. At this Alex Roy only planned the start of his book tour in London and he asked us to help him find other locations. Now you have an unique opportunity to suggest other stops for his European book tour in our forum!


  1. I guess the book will give us a deep look into the racing leagues and persons behind it! I hope that the book will be also avaible in german language.


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