Porsche is the chosen car by tuners these days. After SpeedArt and TechArt, Gemballa couldn’t resist to tune up the 997 Turbo. Result is the more than amazing ‘Avalanche GT2 Evo-R with a power boost to 750 bhp. The sprint to 62 mph (100khm) is not officially announced but if you know that a 650 bhp strong Porsche can do it in nearly 3.3 seconds and hit the 125 mph (200 kmh) in less than 10 seconds, than you can guess the rest. The only thing Gemballa promissed is a topspeed from 208 mph (333 kmh).

The back is a different story, though.In addition to the stonking great engine, owners get exclusive interior and exterior fittings which may not suit everybody’s taste. The press release claims that this is the ‘fastest and most expensive tiptronic Porsche on the planet’ but that’s no explanation for it’s looks.

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