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Last monday our member Stieben visited ‘Automobili Lamborghini’ in Sant’ Agata Bolognese. After doing a factory tour, where for understandable reasons we were not allowed to take pictures, and a visit to museum it became clear that Lamborghini is one of the most stunning supercars on the world. In the factory we got told a lot of things about the ‘raging bull’: some facts were that 95% of the cars are sold with E-gear (electronic peddle shift on the steering wheel); that all names of the Lamborghini’s were distracted of names of real bulls; that after presenting the Miura S with the engine in the back, all sportscar producers followed that idea and started to build back-engined cars; that only 400 Murciélago’s are made in a year; that 45% of the customors live in USA…

Some pictures of the museum:

Miura Concept

We also became a full press release of the Geneva Auto show with all technical data of the 5 models that are produced in Sant’ Agata. Next is a small review…

1) Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Lamborghini calls the Superleggera the ‘sportiest and most purist Gallardo’ ever. The Superleggera has the fastest acceleration in its class. It needs only 3.8 seconds to reach the 62 mph marker and that is 0.2 seconds faster than the basic model. This is all possible thanks to the weight reduce of a 100 kg and a 10bhp increase under the hood, which brings it now on 530 bhp.

The Superleggera will have exclusive specifications and options rage:
All Superleggera’s are made with E-gear standard, a sports package including shock absorbers, and special suede-covered steering wheel. The car is available in Midas Yellow, Borealis Orange, Telesto Grey and Nictis Black. A few other options can be requested such as a multimedia system with navigator and CD-changer, a rear video camera to make parking easier (with optional rear wing only), a carbon accessories kit for the interior, a fixed rear spoiler, a four point seatbelt (not for the USA) and carbon-ceramic brakes.

2) Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Roadster

This is as everybody probably knows the roofless version of the LP640 Coupé. With a 640 bhp 6.5 litre strong V12 in the back this is the flagship of Lamborghini. The Murciélago reaches the 62 mph in only 3.4 seconds and that’s 0.4 seconds faster than it’s forerunner. It reaches his top at 330 kmh or 205 mph. Nice to know is that the LP640 Roadster has automatically lowered roll bars, if the electronic control of this device detects a critical situation, the roll bars shoot out behind the seats in within just a few milliseconds.

3) Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Coupé

Before the Roadster there was offcourse first the Coupé. After presenting the new Murciélago half the world was in love with the design of this car. It didn’t only look stronger but it was much stronger. As the name says the the engine produces a 640 bhp. More power and higher torque call for superior gearbox component performance. To meet these new demands, the new Muriélago LP640 features a modified six-ratio gearbox as well as a tougher rear differential and new axle shafts. On request, the e-gear automatic gearbox is also available equipped with the new dedicated ‘thrust’ (acceleration programme) mode. Also the interior got developed with a new instrument panel with lights featuring a new graphic design, flanked by e new Kenwood car radio with a 6.5″ widescreen monitor and DVD, MP3 and WMA player. An optional navigation system is also available.

4) Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

The Gallardo Spyder is fitted with the already known V10 producing 520 bhp. With the maximum speed set on 314 kmh the baby Lamborghini is fast!
The Gallardo Spyder’s fully-automatic folding roof mechanism comprises the following elements:
– the soft top
– the carbon fibre engine hood, which also serves as a cover for the soft top
– an electronic control unit, which is integrated in the car
– network and monitors for the movement of the hood
– an electric pump
– six hydraulic rams (four to operate the soft top, two for the engine hood)
– an electric motor to raise or lower the read window

5) Lamborghini Gallardo Coupé

This is the ‘oldest’ model in the until today still being produced Lamborghini’s. With a production of 1400 Gallardo’s a year this is model is without doubt the best sold Lamborghini ever. A few months ago the level of 5000 Gallardo’s was reached.

Many thanks to Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A for the great day!


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