Top Run Day -2 – Catching up with Tangospeed!

After a quick stop home after our trip to the Carbon Black afterparty in Venice I caught up with Hece and Tango of Tangospeed in Bochum, somewhere in western Germany. That night we went out for dinner and a couple beers but soon got bored and decided to have a go at Hece’s car with permanent markers :-D Hece wrapped his S4 in white just before the start of Carbon Black but 6000 kilometers later and after ripping off all the Carbon Black stickers it could use a bit of new paint here and there. Our artwork in progress caught some good attention in the hotels parking garage and the hotel employees had a good laugh watching the security cameras upstairs also.

Hece's S4 ;-)

Top Run Day -1 – Time to go to Berlin!

Sadly Tango had to go back to the UK due to a family emergency. I drove with Hece to Berlin in what must have been the worst friday traffic ever. Mainly due to the rain all the way to Berlin, but thanks to our hard work the night before we got a lot of people laughing at the car! After a small detour through Potsdam we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin where the Top Run welcome committee couldn’t believe their eyes! After a couple beers at the lounge of the hotel and a quick dive in the pool we went out for dinner and welcomed DMC and Rat Boy after their long drive from London. After dinner in a very nice Italian restaurant some went out to party but I went back to the hotel because I suffered from the worst cold ever.

Top Run in Berlin

Top Run Day 0 – Registration and kick off party!

Woke up around 10 am, felt worse then the night before and promised myself not to party tonight and go to bed early… Around 3 pm we had to go to room 1103 to register, sign the trophies, meet the support girls and get our Top Run goodies. After meeting some more fellow Top Runners we had to go to Bangaluu for the dinner and start party. Upon arrival we were greated with a glass of champagne and shown to the restaurant on the top floor of this venue. Not long after we arrived there Tangospeed and Team Red Bull showed it’s best behavior and used the napkins to dress up like pirates, clowns and babies. And before I had a chance to look at the menu it flew halfway down the restaurant as one of the planes of the Top Run airfleet. Only when Hece build a 1.5 meter long jetfighter of the paper tablecloth and hit a huge salt and pepermill like the twin towers the control tower told us they were not to happy with all the early take offs! By then all the waiters and most of the restaurant directly surrounding us were already stickered up with tangospeed and GTspirit stickers…

Dinner in Bangaluu

After a very tasty meal it was time to head downstairs to the VIP area of the club and play with the Top Run party girls! Soon Hece felt like making a Jack and Tonic, but I don’t believe Jack was to happy with it! A couple minutes later it was my turn to get the Tonic down my neck. Hece took every single opportunity to suprise Top Runners with a shot of champagne, nailing DMC, Neo, Jack and me one after the other. I think at around 5pm I remembered the promise I made to myself that morning and decided now was a good time to go back to the hotel.

The next days of our writeup are coming as soon as they are finished!

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