Only a few days to go until the official start the Bullrun! For all of you who want to come to the start it is at Place Jacques Cartier, Montreal Old Town, 9am on Saturday May 12th.
A lot of participants are allready confirmed: amongst them Ryan Dunn. Ryan Dunn from Jackass makes his return to Bullrun after his last drive in 2005 with ‘Sir’ James Hewitt. We hear he’s bringing his brother with him this time. He’s got a sweet ride with him too this year, a pimped out BMW X5 Dinan S2 with a “mad Max” treatment.

As we allready confirmed earlier in our Bullrun forum, Paris Hilton is participating in a Spyker! Enjoy this short vid of her.
More infos at Bullrun.com.


  1. I don’t know how paris hilton can drive in this years bullrun, she has been banned from driving for drink driving and driving while suspended, and is facing 45 days in jail.

    Handsome dave should do himself a favour and get rid of this a grade oxygen theif.

  2. Waaaaait a second. Wasn’t Paris supposed to go to jail for 40something days? Wasn’t her driving licence canceled?

    Oh yeah, rich dad, I forgot :)

  3. Uhhh….won’t Paris be trying to tunnel her way out of a prison cell?

    Also, what ramifications do we think the Gumball events will have on the Bullrun???

  4. Do you realise what you are reporting…Paris on a Rally? If you guys took your face off the screen for just one moment you would realise she is about to go to jail for once again being caught drink driving….45 days in prison and its safe to say she wont be driving for a LONG time.


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