Supercars, rain, tricky roads and a rally that should have been cancelled yesterday:

Crashed Ford GT

This Ford GT crashed in Montenegro this morning and later today the last Porsche Carrera GT in the rally was also wrecked.


  1. At this time, no one should be giving a fuck about the cars, especially if they crashed after the fatal accident, then they are just pure stupid…it is a sad sad day for the G3K, it was bound to happen one day, unfortunately that day came…it is too bad that the G3K became that well know to the basic public, and that is also why i believe that there are just rich, but not good drivers, not doing it for the rally, but for the fame…I am assuming the rally will be canceled (the tracker + forum doesnt work) and am wondering how this will be handled…

    My condolences to the families of the victims (hope they hadnt left behind any small children)

  2. now i think i know, why the german police are against the gumball 3000. in deepest sympathy for the relatives of the victims, SwD, german gumball fan.

  3. So these people managed to crash their cars event though they knew that one innocent person was killed and another one badly injured in Macedoia? How stupid, arrogant, and incompetent are those participants of the Gumball3000?


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