Athens Hilton

The Gumball 3000 plane just landed in Athens, currently taxiing to the gate (17.30 CET). The Gumballers can collect their cars at the airport and then make their way to the Athens Hilton hotel. Tonight some of the Gumball cars will be on display at the Zappio, which is a crazy location in the National gardens a short journey from the hotel. At night there’s a White Party on the Top Floor of the Hilton hotel.

In the meantime Team Aytac, Team Turkish Taxi and Team 15 are still on the road towards Athens. We will keep you updated on their progress.

Update 21:00 CET:

Gumballers still at Athens airport waiting for all cars to clear customs. All agree, party in Istanbul last night was great!

Update 21:32 CET:

Cars will be released tomorrow morning, Gumballers going to the Hilton now.



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