Bad news for all Gumball fans in Germany. Gumball HQ has just anounced that the Gumballers will not pass through Germany on their way back to London. This means there’s no checkpoint in Berlin anymore and they probably head back to London from Bratislava.

The Gumballers should be resting (or partying) at their hotel in Istanbul right now, while their cars are taken to Athens which will be there waiting for them to continue the rally tomorrow. However the route has now been changed and the ralliers will no longer be going to Germany. Stay tuned to our site to find out where the new location will be.


  1. Yeah, that’s the German police. They always get me for speeding, too.

    Sucks but it’s probably better not to drive through Germany again. ;)

    Good luck with the new route. ;) Switzerland and Austria have also some ‘nice’ police men by the way. ;)

  2. such a shit! no police makes so much trouble like the german–(THANK YOU SO MUCH) my next weekend is desttroyed!!!


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