At the end, an unlikely twist of engineering. From the Production Class, a couple of speedsters hailing from Mexico are the victors of the La Carrera Panamericana. Ford No 01, piloted by Gabriel Pérez and Angélica Fuentes, romping into Monterrey as the new champions of this incredible race.

The last test of speed, which was scheduled to take place at the racing circuit in Monterrey was, unfortunately, cancelled. The motive for this was due to the circuit not being equipped with the necessary facilities for lighting the track so most of the circuit would be without illumination – not an acceptable situation for hammering the mobile metal. Whilst it would have been acceptable for the first cars out to make the run, the latter cars would have been forging through a circuit shrouded in darkness.

Behind the Victorious Amigos were two cars from the main category of the competition: another fabulous Mexican couple comprising of Jorge Silva and Horacio Chousal, ruling the steed of the Studebaker No 104, snapped up the second place and worthily earning the title of winners of the Tourism Production (TM) class. Third place (and second in the category of TM) were the German couple Karl Scheible and Cam Scheible, commandeering the Volvo No 116. The real surprise of the finale was that the names on the trophies don’t include some notable favourites: Pierre de Thosisy and Doug Mockett. Both boys were leading for every stage, but clocked up so many penalties that the win was out of their driving gloves.

Tonight, Monterrey et al can revel in two triumphant Mexican couples: Gabriel Pérez and Angélica Fuentes, Champions of La Carerra Panamericana 2006, and Jorge Silva and Horacio Chousal, winners of the category Major Tourism. Tonight at 9pm, Mexico style, the awards will be dished out to the champions in a sumptuous hotel where not only the winners, but each true-blood Carrera-Baby, will receive their momento of this incredible week.

Viva La Carrera! Viva The Unlimited Class!

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