The Koenigsegg CCX. CCX stands for Competition Coupe X. The fastest road car ever to lap the Top Gear test track. The most aesthetical machine ever to be born of Swedish origin [outside that of Swedish female form]. This is the latest and greatest of Christian von Koenigsegg’s carbon collaborations to leave the F10 Air Force Base at the outskirts of Ängelholm.

The all important figures:

Power: 806 BHP (900 if you fill the enormous tanks with E85 Bioethanol instead..)
Torque: 678 lb-ft @ 5700 rpm
Accelaration: 0-60 MPH – 3.1 seconds.
Top Speed: 145mph +
¼ Mile: 9.9sec @ 145mph

The design

As with all Koenigsegg’s, the design was the brainchild of one man; David Craaford.
This version is slightly different in the concept than the previous two, as they went all out to get the car to comply with strict US guidelines, ensuring the car’s legitimacy to be sold over the pond.
The car is 88 mm longer in order to comply with the US rear impact regulations and in order to free up space around the rear muffler. There is a further 50 mm in headroom, making the CCX the most spacious super car on the market, truly considering the taller driver’s needs.

This car also comes with a few ‘necessary’ extra’s. For those who remember the recent Top Gear episode where the Stig ‘rode’ the CCX to a tyre eating stop.. prompting the racing driver to ‘advise’ the engineers the car needed a rear spoiler.
Well now you can have this ‘Top Gear special edition’ spoiler for a measly £4,600….
HOW MUCH! I hear you cry…. Well it is made of carbon fibre, and is small change compared to the £12,000 ceramic brakes, or the £32,000 diamond encrusted key option. But if you have the £420,000 for the basic car, then what’s a few extra quid?

The main reason behind this barbaric price is the materials that are used to make the car. The chassis, the bodywork and the spoiler are all made from carbon fiber, in all there is 300+ components within the car that is moulded by the wonder material. Hell… they can even supply you carbon fibre wheels for an extra £8,800!
The other ‘expensive’ component is obviously the engine. This being the first dedicated Koenigsegg aluminium block engine. Derived from the CCR, but with many of the oil covered moveable parts replaced and refined. So the end product is a 4.7 litre V8 with twin superchargers as icing.

But the question that has been eating me up is…
when are they gonna send me one to test drive?!
For all you lot that missed the CCX round the Top Gear track, well here it is;
Koenigsegg CCX




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