Good news for the Bullrun fans. A new MTV TV Series follows the high action automotive rally across the USA.

Spike TV speeds into action with a new event series, Bullrun, based on the international automotive rally of the same name. The 10-episode high-octane series premieres in first quarter 2007. At the MTV Upfront presentation in Madison Square Garden, MTV Networks announced the new Bullrun show exclusive to Spike. A host of celebrities from the MTV world were in attendance at the joint upfront, including Jerry Seinfeld, Ludacris, Lucy Liu and Jessica Alba with musical performances from Kanye West, country singer Miranda Lambert, actor-singer Jamie Foxx and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Bullrun will put real people behind their favorite wheels in an all out rally across the United States, with a big money prize and even bigger bragging rights waiting at the finish line. In each episode, a different driving team will be eliminated based on their strategy and driving performance.

Never knowing where they are going on undisclosed cross terrain routes, or what obstacles lay ahead, the drivers and their cars will be the main characters of Bullrun. Spike TV cameras will chronicle all the behind-the-scenes adventures from the open road in America’s heartland to late-night partying when the Bullrun drivers will be blowing off steam after a long day driving.

“From the regular guy who pours more heart and soul into his Camaro in his driveway than his relationship, to the millionaire playboy who drives a $500,000 McLaren SLR, Bullrun provides action for any guy in love with his car and offers the freedom and adventure of the road,

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